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48 than anchor brewers and distillers. join me in welcoming keith gregor. [applause] >> thank you. is everyone warm enough? this is great weather for making beer. anchor is one of america's oldest breweries. with origins back to the gold rush. by 1896 the famous brand emer emerged. a real san francisco icon and only 118 years old at the moment. not that many years pass easily. earthquakes. fire. and prohibition and bankruptcy all stood in the way. but they would not end our history. anchor brewery has called six locations as home. and today i am thrilled to announce our seventh home here at pier 48. anchor's revival was in 1969 when mass markets and beers steamed unstoppable. with anchor facing bankruptcy and one took over to continue to get his favorite brew anchorstein. and at that time no one knew that over the next decade would introduce the craft movement and making anchor the first craft brewery. perhaps we shouldn't be surprised that the first brewery began in san francisco. as these things are part of this great city's dna. today we will still remain true to our traditiona
the c.e.o. of the world's best baseball team, larry bear. >> thank you, keith. if you would stay up for a second. we greatly value this partnership. and as you say, it has coinsided. we have partnered for three years and sorry about 2011. >> there was nothing wrong with our beer that year. >> and so just a small token of our great appreciation for the partnership and this new venture that will be for decades and decades long or maybe a century or more. as you have been around for greater than a century. this giant's jersey. if we put 48, you may get confused with pablo sandoval. so it's anchor 48. please wear it proudly. we are thrilled to have you as part of our team. [applause] >> thank you very much. >> thank you, keith. we appreciate everyone coming out today. and i would like to in addition to thanking keith and the great team at anchor. i would like especially join with anchor and keith in thanking the mayor. mayor lee and his office. and the port of san francisco. and everybody who has conspired with us to make this happen. it's a great day for san francisco. i think often ab
coming out of a residential area. we're told it's a home on keith avenue. it is one-alarm right now. we have news chopper 2 on the way to the scene and when it gets there, we'll give you a look from the sky. again, a house fire, one-alarm, on keith avenue in berkeley. we'll have more later in our newscast. >>> our other top story, there was a cable car accident in san francisco at washington and powell. it happened less than two hours ago. ktvu's david stevenson joins us live from the scene. we understand there are injuries. >> reporter: that's right. they have just started moving the cable car out of the way, cable car 25. it's an active investigation going on right now with muni workers and the san francisco police department investigating what went wrong with cable car 25 that sent passengers to the hospital. take a look at this video. this happened at about 10:18 this morning. police say the packed cable car was proceeding down powell street. it had just crossed washington street when it stopped short, slamming passengers and crews into windows and each other. one passenger was ejec
fee for service. service. keith daaiels, live aa cityy all with more onntte mayor's push & to charge for traah pick-up.. keith. keith. 3 jennifer...jeff... floateddthe idea erlier his - city aadresss... it's a 3 city resiienns. /////////////////////vo/////////////// ////// 3 thh proposed fee wwuld &&pcharge for trash pick-up, a weekly seevice that had until now.. been free. the mmyor &psaas the new fee would sprrad the cost aaross entitiee hat &pdon't currently ay property taxes, like non-profits. she saas the savings would & ppoperty tax rate, the highest in the region. she can't say now owwmuch the fee woold commng later. and ttat's causing concern at ccty hall for some, including nee &pcounciiimannwho says his ponstituents want details now. 3&p (scctt) "what i'm assing y cittzens and all the citizens... thii is done in other cities." -3 3 the mayor dii say -3 yesserday shh will roollout more details on how the plan -3 will work next weee. live in... kd, foo 45 news at 5-33. 3 more d
están manchados y un poco desgastados. (narrador) keith aune, del departamente de pesca, vida silvestre y parques de montana ha pasado su vida estudiando a los leones de montaña. los felinos que mueren después de haber confrontado a la gente terminan en su laboratorio. al examinarlos cuidadosamente, él ha podido determinar que los felinos que atacan a la gente están enfermos. o dan otro tipo de evidencia a su comportamiento. pero los casos son pocos. en los últimos diez años se han registrado diez ataques de leones de montaña en montana. y sólo uno de esos ataques fue fatal, keith piensa que existe la posibilidad de que los leones estén experimentando nuevos recursos como presas. pero él siente que es más probable que los ataques sean el resultado de una equivocación de identidad. los leones atacan por el comportamiento del movimiento y en los confines del bosque, un león puede confundir a un alpinista o a un corredor con una presa. si el estudio de tantos años de keith puede mostrar algo, es que nuestro temor por los leones es desproporcionado a la amenaza real. ♪ el le
-produced -- for the blue note, and it was coproduced by keith richards. >> there is a saying that dr. king had that said there is always the right time to do the right thing. i try to live my life every day by doing the right thing. we know that we are only halfway and we have work to do. walmart committed $2 billion to fighting hunger in the u.s. as we work together, we can stamp hunger out. >> and by contributions to your pbs station from viewers like you. thank you. >> please welcome aaron neville. he has just released a terrific new cd. it serves as the basis for a pbs concert special. here is a sneak preview of malik true story." i got a girl and ruby is her name ♪ ♪ she don't love me but i love her just the same ♪ ♪ i am going to haunt you ♪will you be mine tavis: i saw the cd. i felt like you have been keeping something from us if this is a true story. what have we been getting all s?e other years chairma >> the first time i wanted to record our wanted to do doo- wop. i even did a doo-wop version of the mickey mouse march. >> why doo-wop? >> doo-wop nurtured me and threw me into who i a
've seen jimmy pethokoukis this evening. we bring in keith boykin and w.o.r. radio host mark simone. i just want to play with this story a little bit. what they've done -- i'm going to start with you, mark simone. what the new regs have done is they've expanded the definition of religious institution that's are supposedly exempt. from churches to religious schools, hospitals, and charities. doesn't have to be catholic. could be anybody. but they have expanded the definition. but as i understand it, employees can go and get contraception, including the pill after, by going to the insurance company that is used by the institution. and the institution, which is self-insured through the insurance company, they've got to pay for it. somehow. so i don't see what's changed. they've expanded the definition, but what's changed? >> it's simple. they've made it much more complicated than it already was. >> right. >> it wasn't complicated enough and they've figured out away to make it cost even more and make it harder to keep track of. this is your government in action. >> it's true. the whole idea her
introductions. >> thank you. thank you, keith. welcome, everybody. we're glad to see so many friendly faces. as president of the chapter in san francisco now for 3-1/2 years and have been really proud of our board who has done so much great work. when i call your name, if you could just stand and say hi. leslie, vice president, and she has been very instrumental in publishing the gazette which i believe that you have picked up. if you haven't, over here by the entrance, there are copies for you to see. the gazette summarizes the previous jury's work as well as explains what the jury is all about. and how you can apply to be a juror. and this is our fourth issue. so, thank you for your hard work. julian hansen is secretary and she's my right arm, my left arm, she's there for me for whenever i need anything. and i really appreciate all the work you've done also to keep the chapter together and make it a viable entity. ken mali in the back there, the immediate chair and was instrumental in working with lieutenant governor in making this public service announcement which i'm really proud to say
lowes. >> my name is keith, when lows opened up, we immediately took a 20 percent hit in our gross sales. i mean, within a week, you could tell. the monday through friday, sales have come back. >> our saturday sales are still 20, to 25 percent down since they opened. which has cut 22 people from the staff on saturdays. >> thank you. >> so, yeah, i mean, i i think, i share some of moore's concerns, i have a hard time approving the use in this location, given kind of the comment and the testimony that we have heard. >> commissioner antonini? >> well, thank you. yeah, i have mixed feelings on this. i'm also a small business while dentistry and medical services are different from hardware, there are similarities. they could put a dental clinic next to my store and i don't care. they are going to hire people that are not confident and do unnecessary work and under pay them and things like that. people know the difference and they come in and they know the kind of service and care that they get, and eventually they will choose you, but there will be some who will go to the clinic next door, be
... ome streets... streets...//. keith daniels ... live... from federal hill... with more pplice plans.. keith. keith. jeff and karen... police say additionall &pofficers will beedeployed to prime bar eighborhoods like here in fedeeal hill. they'll be in fells point and canton too.......hunndeds of offfcers mooitoring the crowdd. crowds. at the correr of west cross street and charles in police say be attheadquarterr monitoring those feedd frommstationary and helicopter cameras. they ay they'll also be on the streets wtih other law agencies looking for drunk drivers. live n federall hill, kd, fox45 newssat ten. there are ...other plans... police will use... downtown... oo... sunday for the game. they're going to have d-u--... city...//. they're also going - to closeedown a loo of streets ddpenddng on how large crowds are....// or a complete list... of the closures.../// headdto... fox baltimore ddt com andd ook for the ssreet closures under our too stories. 3& oor state delegates pride echo throuuh the apitol. capittl.010249 n three, hat time issit?....
that mean it needs to continue forever? >> how much mail did you get today? >> i said generations. not keith's generation. there are generations. >> we could get them a little mailbox. there doesn't have to be anything in it. what is this going to cost? if this goes under with the liabilities of the pension and health care plan what are we talking about? >> tens of billions. >> yes. tens of billions. >> the post office employs. >> this is the worst defense i have heard. this is an obama-type defense on spending cuts. next thing you want is revenues to help the post office go through. what's go pac? i'm sorry. >> it's a teachable moment as guy talked about. this is what happens when you allow the government to come in and run an industry that in treery is private. it is not. any decision the post office wants to make to become more efficient, they have to say mother may i. in this administration you see whether it's the epa that wants to continue to regulate the energy industry, trying to do more in the car industry, trying to take over the health care industry. >> can i just interject? you s
tonight on c-span, q&a with keith richburg. followed by the japanese prime minister. later, craig smith. -- greg smith. [captioning performed by national captioning institute] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2013] >> this week on "q&a," author and former reporter keith richburg. >> keith richburg, what is the first thing you tell people about china? >> the first thing i tell people when they ask me about china, france coming over, people i meet who are not familiar with it, is there is no one china. it is like talking about the united states as one entity when, in fact, new york is different from texas, or california, or someone from the south is different from someone from the north. china is a massive, diverse country. if you come to visit, do not spend all of your time just in beijing. try to go somewhere different. other places are nothing like beijing. when i have friends come to visit, i love to go out and try regional foods. hunan food middle eastern food, just to give people a flavor that, when we talk about china, and i am guilty of it too, it is just a
morning, everyone. and i'm here, as keith said, on behalf of state senator leno. and i just want to say how proud i am to be here because, you know, most of us seek ways to make government better. usually, you know, we have something that we don't like about our government, our local government. we want to change things. we have a disagreement. but you're here and you're actually doing something about it. you're taking your time, you're taking time out of your lives and putting energy into changing how government can serve the people of our county. and that's very impressive and i for one as a citizen of san francisco am very grateful to each and every one of you for doing that. for watching out for me, because that's what you are, each and every one of you, watching out for me and my well-being as well as everyone else in the city. and around the state, thanks to the california civil grand jury association, we have 58 groups that do the same and help people experience government at a higher level and have government work for them. so, thanks to the california civil grand jury associati
isturbances.. but if people get out of control.. cops say phey will be prepared. prepared. 3 keith daniels, live in federal 3 will bb out in force trying to bowl sunday.. keeth. karen and jeff..... the department says additiooal officersswill be depllyed to the prime bar neighhorhoods like hhre federal hill, fells point ann canton. .........huuddeds of uniformed and uunerrover officers 3&p in federal hill, the streets were ffll of happy fans.. aad a little chaos.. following the baltimore ravens victory in peeks ago. nnonotable -3 diiturbances that night.. and pplice say thhy willlbe prepared forrfanssto celebrate on super bowllnightt.but will be on alert for anyyne wwo crosses the line ann puts people at rrsk of etttng hurt. 3 (deputy comm. skinner) "so, & pouull see the mounted patrol -3 out there, you'll see a llt of officers being very, veey visible.. a lot of our special - equipment will bb out in those zones. but across the city we'll have a signiffcant number of police working. so, just kkid of coming and going through the city and travelling through the mai
firefighter accussddof running a sex ring ring on the side... nowwfacee federallcharges. pharges. 3 keith danieess liieeat the federrl courttouse in downtown baltimorr where the -3 pirreighterrwas indicted this weekk. keith. p3 3 3 karen.... the suspect's name is jamaa - simmons..... he appearedd petention hearing. hearing. 3 simmonssis city -3 acorring to the ffderal indictment.. simmons is -3 accused of ruuning a -3 website....dedicattd to commerccal sex. proseeutors say he transported women romm at least seven states, including pennsylvanna, texas -3 and southh akooa, tt engagg in prostitution. ciiy poliie &pand the f-b-i's hummnn affer raiding a warrhouue onn - south pulaski street..where he allegeely ran hii opeeation. atttheetime, firr officials &prespooded to the serious allegationn against one of 3 (chief cartwrightt "again, iniiially have proceeded witt suspendinggthis embbr wwthout paa. we're bbgiining, as ww speak, our own invessigaaiin." &p 3 ad lib 3 3 p d lib p3 more debbtt... in annapolis... &pp ooer.... go
harrison. >> and i'm keith russell. we're staying on top of that developing story this morning. oscar pistorius, the man who became known as blade runner after becoming the first double amputee to run in the olympics faces murder charges this morning after police say he shot and killed his girlfriend. news 4's melissa mollet joins us now with the latest. melissa, what can you tell us? >> good morning. an olympic athlete now accused of killing his girlfriend. here's pistorius leaving the station early this morning. he was heading to court. his first hearing was scheduled for this afternoon. it's now been postponed until tomorrow to give forensic analysts more time to investigate. police say pistorius shot 29-year-old reeva steenkamp at his home in a gated complex early this morning. she was hit four times in the head and arm. right now they're interviewing witnesses they say heard things that happened there earlier in the evening. at a press conference this morning they answered questions about previous calls made to that house. >> related to the person who's been arrested but i can co
you, ladies and gentlemen. well, who's it going to be -- paul, keith, or jason? which of these three will join colby with a "c" and kristin with a "k" in our two-day finals match next week? let's start finding out. good luck, players. here are the categories for the first round today. not "who's who." and "perfect" coming up in each correct response. alex: jason, start. alex, you're "perfect" for $200. keith. what's a perfectionist? correct. afi achievement awards for $200. paul. who is hitchcock? yes. "perfect," $400. jason. what is perfect pitch? that's right. "perfect" for $600. keith. what's a perfect game? yes. "perfect" for $800. n. what is past perfect? no. keith. what's pluperfect? that is correct. "perfect" for $1,000. paul. what's a more perfect union? you got it. green for $200. jason. what's asparagus? right. veggies for $400.
.bles can kristin and keith make up the ground? we're gonna find out in this half-hour. good luck to all three of you. colby, you pick first from theegories in the jeopardy! round. alex: colby. 1870s show, $200. kristin. who is ibsen? you are right. facts & figures for $200. keith. what's a chihuahua? right. facts & figures for $400. keith. what's chicken pox? right. facts for $600. keith. what's luxembourg? good. $800, facts. kristin. what is wharton? wharton. correct.
, at least it's a good thing. >> a great thing. keith boykin do you have any problem with my sermon on the mound? do you have any problems with life in general? >> i like bob costa. he's a good guy. it's a helpful sign if boehner's people are saying they are willing to close some loopholes that's what obama is talking about. >> he's got you at the achilles heel. >> you're talking about two sides that haven't talked to each other. i'm glad they talked to each other today. they need to get together and work out some kind of an agreement. the president is looking for a compromise. he's willing to have some spending cuts. republicans don't want any revenue they only want spending cuts there's no way to compromise if one side doesn't give somewhere and that's the perfect place to start. >> because keith boykin is such a smart guy he picked up on my quote from boehner's press secretary. i'll read it again. republicans are open to closing loopholes as long as the savings are not used to finance deficit spending. i don't know what that means. any loophole closing should be accompanied my ma
. >> and i'm keith russell. it's thursday, february 7th 2013. we begin with breaking news. a massive manhunt in los angeles. police are looking for christopher dorner. police say he shot and killed a police officer and killed and wounded another. >> multilaw enforcement agencies for christopher dorner fired back in april from naval service. the first shooting in riverside around 1:30 this morning, pacific time. two riverside county sheriff deputies were sitting the a red light when dorner allegedly pulled up near them and started firing into the patrol car. both officers were hit and taken to the hospital where one died and the other one is now in surgery. there was also another shooting in corona where officers were believed to have confronted dorner, bun officer was shot and suffered a graze wound. dorner is wanted in in connection with the shooting deaths of 28-year-old monica kwan who was the basketball coach. quan's father was the first asian-american captain in the l. l.a.p.d. he said in the manifesto, i will be vilified by the lapd and the media. i reports that stem from santa fe to v
could arrive. good morning, welcome to "news4 midday." i'm keith russell. >> and i'm barbara harrison. we have breaking news, a house fire has claimed the lives of two young children. the flames took over the home on highland avenue in myersville, maryland. melissa mollet joins us. >> reporter: we just speak with investigators they tell us the two little girls who died were ages 3 and 6, sisters. chopper 4 flew over the house a little while ago. take a look. this fire broke out in the two-story home in highland avenue. when firefighters arrived the heavy flames and instability of the house hampered they are rescue efforts. that blaze so intense, it continued to burn for an hour and a half. dozens of firefighters responded. four others were if the house with those girls including a 33-year-old man, 33-year-old woman, 8-month-old and 7-year-old who had to be taken to the hospital for treatment. the victims' names have not been released and investigators woring to determine the cause. >>> other news, it's been a rough morning in northern virginia. this was the dulles toll road. traffic w
looks like in the weekend and into next week. keith? >>> see you in studio in just a few. >>> let's find out if the weather is affecting traffic out there right now. here's danella sealock. >> if we look at the 14th street bridge, still seeing delays because of an earlier accident. this is as you make your way northbound. crossing over the 14th street bridge, left lane was blocked. traffic getting by without any issues. 14 minutes to get from the beltway to the 14th street bridge. now shoot over to i-270. nice and clear in germantown. no issues as you make your way north or southbound. southbound through rock veil connecting to the beltway. nice and clear. barbara, back over to you. >> thanks, danella. >>> right now more than 1,000 police officers continue to manhunt for a former l.a. cop wanted for killing three people including a police officer. last night investigators found christopher dorner's burned out pickup truck outside l.a. near a ski resort as well as footprints leaving from the scene. dorner is wanted in the shooting death of a couple last weekend and for ambushing four offi
that we like to fund with this additional staff. with that, i'll turn it over to keith demartini who will go over the details. >> my name is keith demartini, i'm the finance manager for the planning department, i'm here to present the fiscal year 2013-2015 departmental budget, i have copies of the powerpoint presentation and there are copies for member of the public that would like to follow along with my presentation as well. i will just be giving you an overview of recent planning case and building volume trends that we've been experiencing, the expenditure budget as well as the proposed grants capital and other budget requests, and then just an update on the budget calendar going forward. so, let's just start with a recent planning case and building permit volume trends as director ram has already mentioned, i'm on slide three here, we had anticipated a 3% volume growth in this fiscal year which we are experiencing, approximately 80% of our case and building permit activity comes from the review, we'll see growth in permit building review and various multiple application ins this
on our 2013, to 15, proposed budget. and keith will make most of the presentation and i did want to go with you the major changes to the budget specifically the 8 new positions that we are proposing for the next two years. and i will refer to the memo that we sent on february 4th, on that if you have that in your packet. there are eight new positions that we are proposing that are the major changes from the current year. in the current planning, we are proposing an additional position to be a preservation compliance officer, that will work on the enforcement issues related to the historic properties in the city wide division we are looking at four new fte, roughly four to work on a number of efforts, the housing element, the monitoring requirements that have been required by the board, and the commission, over the last couple of years. to work on master plans for large publicly owned sites. to work on the urban design guidelines and to work on china town, open space planning. to work on some street scape work in the hunter's shipyard area to focus on market street and in a position. an
the couple next door, a couple like keith and monica. they are happily married and live in a small new england town. ♪ they also happen to practice bdsm. >> extra curricular activities with rope and floggers and all sort was kinky activities. >> i think that just normal stuff that a lot of regular people, if they knew how to do these things would be thinking, yeah, it's not so bizarre. >> reporter: they play in the spare bedroom with what monica calls pervertibles, regular household items easily converted to toys. >> this is our playroom where we keep our toys and our pervertibles. this is our favorite room in the house. >> here we have the whole array of things, wooden spoons, wooden spatulas, these i got on the clearance table at the local grocery store for probably about $2. >> and there are spatulas that can be used in a similar way. also makes a nice spanking device and actually deliver more sound than pain. >> reporter: but like any marriage there can be personality clashes and when marriage partners dabble in bdsm there can be kinks in the kink. >> when we play, i have no prob
in berkeley we told you about at the top of the news. this is at 1179 keith avenue in the berkeley foothills. as you can see, still engulfed. we have been watching the smoke pour from the second story of this home for the last several minutes. flames are shooting from the roof. firefighters now on the scene. they are trying to attack it as you can see from the ground there. past couple of minutes, those firefighters arriving no report of the cause or if anyone was inside. this is in the berkeley hills. we'll bring you more information as soon as we get it. >>> still ahead, today's healthwatch. breast cancer screenings for seniors. the changes a new study is suggesting. >> lots of sunshine outside right now. enjoy it while you can. we have some storm clouds on the horizon. we'll talk about that coming up. this is at 11-79 kieth avenue in >>> we're going to return back to that breaking news here in the east bay. chopper 5 over that house fire in berkeley once again, 1179 keith avenue. this is in the berkeley foothills. doesn't like like progre
a new prime minister. >> breaking news out of the u.k., colonel keith o'brien, the head of the catholic church in scotland has resigned after allegations over the weekend of "inappropriate behavior going back some years. cardinal brian has denied all of those allegations. nonetheless, he has tendered his resignation. he will be stepping down as head of the conclave to elect the new pope. breaking news out of the u.k., cardinal keith o'brien, the head of the catholic church in scotland, resigning. denying allegations of inappropriate behavior going back over some years. we will have more details on that story in the coming hours here on out jazeera. some of the stories making headlines around the world right now, a poet jailed for life, his sentence has been reduced to cent -- to 15 years. found guilty of inciting to overthrow the government two years ago, international human rights groups have widely criticized the life sentence that was handed to him. fighting between the arab tribes in western sudan has wounded 62 people over the weekend. the governor says that the army has restored o
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 790 (some duplicates have been removed)